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Mesh2Surface Educational for Rhino


Mesh2Surface Educational for Rhino


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Rhino 3D (Windows)
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Mesh2Surface is a plug-in for Rhinoceros 64 bit version working on Windows 10.

There are two options available of the software – Mechanical and Premium. Premium has all the features of the Mechanical in addition to multiple more.

This is the full Mesh2Surface Premium version of the plugin intending to support students, teachers and professors in full time education in their research projects (*)

User require to have a current license of Rhinoceros 3D (Windows) to use our software, it is not a stand alone application.
The software is delivered electronically. No physical product will be shipped. You will receive a license key for activating the software.

Mesh2Surface Educational Premium features:

  • Align to world coordinate system
  • Extract primitives, patch, extrusion and revolved surfaces
  • Symmetry Plane definition
  • Interactive 2D and 3D sketching
  • CurveNetwork, Sweep, Loft and Blend surfaces
  • Real-time tolerancing control
  • Toleranced patch fit
  • Mesh Segmentation
  • Fillet measurement
  • Deviation Analyzer
  • PTX Points Import
  • Free form Organic modelling
  • Symmetry based modelling
  • Snap to Mesh Technology
  • Real-time tolerancing for free form modelling
  • Manipulator (gumball) based modelling
  • Surface quality analysis
  • Automatic Surfacing

Does not include Rhinoceros license.
Rhinoceros must be purchased separately.

*Proof of status required in the form of a current document showing the person is registered at the school, college or university. The license key provided has 3 years validity. At the end of the period the user will be asked for new proof of status to get extended license key.